Mr. Peter Wong - Senior Vice President Administration & Operations


After over 25 years of being involved in the corporate management and administration of companies, I’ve come to learn a few important things. One, is that without the right attitude, even the most talented of employees is ineffective. Attitude and work ethics cannot be taught, or bought, but it can be sought through careful conditioning and training.

Two, is to always believe in what you are fighting for, and to trust the people you are fighting alongside with. This belief is what will motivate you towards achieving results you never thought possible and, at the same time, create a mutually beneficial environment in which everyone can enjoy a sustainable level of success.

And finally, is that there is no element more important to a company’s success than teamwork. As Senior Vice-President of Operations and Administration, my responsibility is to motivate my team towards achieving, and exceeding, their personal and group targets. But performance is not the only thing I want my people to achieve. Through the Company’s philosophy of "Share and Share Alike", I take the role of mentor and teacher, imparting my personal experiences and knowledge to my team in order to encourage self-transformation and the development of personal values. Because I believe there is something new to learn every day, and that true success is knowing you have contributed to a cause that is bigger than yourself.


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