Mr. Gary Gan - President International Markets


Throughout my 18-year career in the Network Marketing industry, I’ve been called many things; leader, guru, high-achiever. But there’s one title that I hold closest to my heart, and that’s "hard worker". I ventured into the world of MLM when I was 18 years old, and started from the very bottom of the ladder. With perseverance, determination and the support of the people around me, I made my first million in my early 20s, after which I moved up to become the company’s No. 1 leader. Then, working harder than I’ve ever worked before, I developed a company from its inception into a nationwide network of over 50 thousand distributors, an achievement that I am still proud of till this day.

As you can see, I place great emphasis on the value of hard work. I believe that the harder you work for something, the bigger your rewards will be. Therefore, there is a need to nurture one’s industrious nature and arm oneself with the right skills, attitudes and expertise in order to achieve the loftiest of goals. That’s why apart from taking care of Uptrend2u’s international business activities, I’m also involved in personal development training, especially Brain Development programmes, in order to enable Uptrend2u™ members to unlock their hidden potential.

My hope is that, through consistent hard work and focussed leadership, I, as part of the Management of Uptrend Network, will be able to inspire the Company and its members to achieve results far beyond our expectations.


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