Dato' Susie Yeoh - Chief Executive Officer / Director


"In my line of business, I believe that passion is everything. It was passion that drove me to become the sole distributor of one of Japan's most renowned hobby product brands, and then to set up a successful enterprise supplying carpets and renovation material to major office buildings.

It was also passion that moved me to venture into multi-level marketing; a passion for health, for technology, and above all, for people. Today, I manage a network of over one hundred thousand people, made up of individuals from all walks of life that nonetheless share my vision and dreams; to create a better world through a culture of sharing.

Thus I am living proof that anyone can be successful just by being ourselves, and being passionate about what we believe in. After all, knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of my employees and group members is what motivates me to do the best I can every day. It is my hope that as the business grows, everyone will have a chance to experience and achieve what I have. And together, we will build a world of prosperity, peace and friendship by upholding the philosophy of Share and Share Alike".


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